White Wind

The shrine of liberty and modernity for you to make time for yourself, experiencing the common space full of whispers, music and chaotic dance of flavors of different dishes


The real flirtation of tastes starts with bottle uncorking when the air comes into contact with aromas of wine
Exotic and rich taste to impress you and turn into your favorite
Signature dishes
The winds waft the most subtle flavors of the signature dishes pushing boundaries of the everyday routine
Extensive wine list
Every wind has its own fable. And our fable is an aftertaste with hints of delight and joy.

THE WHITE WIND blows towards people familiar with their taste, those who value their time and enjoy festivities, leaving them with unforgettable memories.

THE WHITE WIND is not just a restaurant brand of signature dishes. THE WHITE WIND is the icon of eclecticism and the embodiment of freedom, modernity and taste. THE WHITE WIND is a nowaday shrine with flavours of different cuisines dancing in chaos in the air, and intertwining whispers and music. You will have your own personal time here escaping its general passage.

THE WHITE WIND is almighty like a true deity.
About restaurant
fried with vegetables and ginger onion sauce
with mushrooms, spinach and Peking cabbage
with caramelized pear in teriyaki sauce
with croquette potatoes, green asparagus and Demi-glace sauce
Main menu
Sea scallops
Seafood soup
Fried duck leg
Black Angus Rib-Eye
24 ₼
24 ₼
44 ₼
70 ₼
Soft drink
Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, syrup, black currant juice
Cabernet-Merlot / Bordeaux / France
Senca Green tea
Margarita black
Chateau Dubois Claverie
20 ₼
17 ₼
90 ₼
The best
THE WHITE WIND distinguishes people by their choices in tastes. And tastes speak for themselves!
The taste of pure choice is revealed when you sense the hookah aroma in the air. It is always recognizable because of its unique character
hookahs in the city
The best
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Baku, White city, 1st Fountain Street
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13.00 : 00.00
13.00 : 01.00